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Motor Coaches & Wheelchair Vans

Unique Charters, Inc. of Miami Gardens, Florida, provides motor coaches and wheelchair vans to transport groups and individuals. Our drivers are dependable and our vehicles are modern. We move groups of seniors, students, or religious fellows with our buses.     

Motor Coach Services

We transport religious groups, seniors, students, etc. with our buses. They range in size from 49 to 57 seats, and are also perfect for tourists, businesspeople, and policy makers. We fulfill all of our clients' busing needs.

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Vans

For elderly or nonambulatory clients with no other means of transportation, we offer full services with one of our wheelchair vans.


Whether a client is stuck on the side of the road because of automobile failure or simply needs to get to a doctor's appointment, we provide transportation. Our friendly drivers make sure our clients get from point A to point B quickly and safely.
All fees are quote-based. They depend on distance, number of vehicles required, and number of passengers. Dates of travel and the number of stops required also affect the rate.

Contact us to get where you need to go with our wheelchair vans and motor coaches.